Duties of Discipline Section

Head of Discipline Section

Head of Discipline Section: Huang Yon-Da

Duties of Physical Education Section

The section is affiliated with Office of Student Affairs and is classified as 2nd level administration section; charged withpromoting athletic events and maintaining facilities. It aims to improve the physicality of students byhelping both students and faculty maintain regular exercise, promote athletic events, and improve chances of exercise. The division includes a leader and a member, who are in charge of the athletic events of the school.

Duties of Military Training Office

Military Training Instructor

Name: Xiao Yi-Ren
Title: Major General and Dean of Military Training Office
Education level: 1986 class of ROC Naval Academy, 2003 class of National Defense University, 2008 class of War College
Experiences: Captain of Frigate Tiendan, Commander of Haifeng Group, Deputy Commander of Navy 146th fleet, Deputy Commander of Navy 168th fleet, Principal of Naval Technical School

Dean of Student Affairs

Dean of Student Affairs



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