Duties of Environmental Safety Department

Head: Li Yi-Lin

Deputy: Dai Wen-Teng

Management of environmental safety and sanitation of experimental area

Duties of Maintenance Group

Head: Xu Zhong-Yu

Deputies: Yan Fu-Lai, Xie Song-Mao

  • Management of purchasing, contracting, and construction of campus, buildings, and interior design.
  • Managing annual budget and evaluating performance
  • Assisting evaluation and data gathering.
  • Handling tasks from supervisors.

Associate Technical Specialist: Xie Song-Mao

Deputy: Xu Zhong-Yu

Dean of General Affairs

Chen Qing-Wen , Technical Professor

Department of Product Design, Tungfang Design University



  • Arts and Crafts Department, Tung Fang Junior College of Industry and Arts
  • Qualified Level B technician of porcelain (sculpt)
  • Qualified for Arts and Crafts Instructor of vocational schools
  • Qualified for teacher of art and sculpture after passing evaluation of Ministry of Education for teachers of vocational schools
  • Master of Graduated School of Architecture and Interior Design of Shu-Te University


Duties of Extracurricular Activities Section

Head: Tsai Jui-Hsiang

Contact number: 07-6939523

  • Organizing major celebrations (homecoming and commencement)
  • Organizing various tasks of the section
  • Organizing interior control of Extracurricular Activities Section

Email: claus@mail.tf.edu.tw

Duties of Student Counselling Center

Name: Guo Nai-Ren

Title: Dean of Student Counselling Center


Doctor of Science in Electrical Engineering of National Cheng Kung University (2005)
Automatic Control Studies of Feng Chia University (1999)
Bachelor of Automatic Control Studies of Feng Chia University (1997)


Duties of Health Section

Head of Health Section

Name: Chen,Hsiu-Fen                


  1. Managing basic tasks
  2. Organizing annual budget
  3. Planning student affair assistance project
  4. Application, planning, and execution of health promotional project

Ext.: 1524  Email: daphane@mail.tf.edu.tw

Nurse of Day Division          

Name: Dai Ying-Zhen