Office of Academic Affairs

Division of Registration

  • Handle registration procedures
  • Create lists of freshmen, transfer students (from/to departments and schools), and drop-out students
  • Create basic information of freshmen 
  • Make and reissue student ID cards
  • Handle the registration of extended students
  • Calculate the number of registered students, classes, and summer programs
  • Issue diplomas
  • Approve and issue certificates of transfer and study
  • Handle school rolls
  • Handle over-the-counter affairs
  • Handle applications for Chinese and English academic results and English diplomas
  • Handle suspension, transfer, and drop-out of students.
  • Handle recruitment of doctoral and master programs, seven-year, four-year, and two-year programs of College of Technology, and two-year and five-year programs of junior college.
  • Submit the statistics
  • Announce academic results and notify students
  • Handle graduation procedures
  • Handle other registration-related affairs

Division of Curriculum

  • Plan and manage curricula
  • Handle course delivery
  • Handle course selection
  • Handle intercollegiate course selection
  • Handle summer programs
  • Approve hourly fees of teachers
  • Manage teaching
  • Handle course withdrawal
  • Conduct teaching surveys
  • Check classroom logs
  • Handle selection and rewards of outstanding teachers
  • Handle other curriculum-related affairs

Division of Admissions and Publications

  • Compile and publish the school magazine
  • Compile, execute, and write off the budget for admissions
  • Handle university expositions for senior (vocational) high schools
  • Handle class promotional material for senior (vocational) high schools

Division of Online Teaching

  • Organize and plan work related to Division of Online Teaching
  • Establish regulations and supporting measures for online teaching
  • Handle online teaching based on the resolutions of Online Teaching Committee
  • Purchase editing tools of digital materials and standardized system tools
  • Help teachers compile online teaching materials
  • Design and compile instructions for online programs and CD-ROM
  • Design and compile instructions for online teaching
  • Maintain and update the online teaching platform
  • Maintain online teaching accounts and passwords of teachers and students
  • Train and arrange student part-timers to answer questions about online teaching
  • Establish and back up online (supplementary) programs
  • Maintain and update the webpage of Division of Online Teaching
  • Organize seminars on online teaching
  • Report the remote programs to Ministry of Education for future reference

Learning & Teaching Resource Center

  • Attend meetings organized by Southern Taiwan Teaching/Learning Resource Center
  • Handle activities related to improvement in the quality of teaching
  • Handle work related to remedial teaching
  • Handle work related to teaching evaluation